What I got for Christmas…

I never usually feel that festive, or at least haven’t done for the past few during my adolescent years, however as the actual day comes, so does the excitement.

I only went to sleep about 2.30am, meaning I had the delight (sarcastic btw) of seeing endless amounts of drunk snap chats wishing their peers “Merry Christmas!” or them blaring out Christmas carols which really shouldn’t have been sung after four bottles of wine. Don’t get me wrong though, it’s all great if they’re giving glory to Jesus…

Even though I was woken up stupidly early by my excited eleven year old brother, the sight of my mum rushing around naked in the early hours of Christmas attempting desperately to fill our stockings quickly and forgetting she wasn’t the only one awake in the house,  was enough to make anyone try to fall asleep, so I eventually did, phone somewhere beneath the covers, and my laptop to my side.

I didn’t ask for much this year, there wasn’t anything I needed, so I was happy with the few surprises I got… I have attached links under each photo as best I can.


Pink Scarf – Primark, £5. 

Pointed Toe Chelsea Boots – New look, £19 (Was £39.99) 

MUA Concealer – Superdrug, £1

Fruits Chocolate Orange Shower Gel – Wilkinsons

Rings – Topshop, £12.50


Floral  Box – Store Twenty One

Gold Glitter Nail Varnish – Primark

Pom Pom Bobble – Primark, £1.50

MUA Lipstick – Superdrug, £1

Burgundy Nail Varnish – Boots. 

I did get a few more things, but these were some of my favourites! Comment below what you got, I love seeing and hearing about other people’s items, for inspiration but mainly just curiosity haha!

Peace and Love, 

Lucy Rose xx


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