Christmas Party

I’m so blessed to have such amazing friends, and I found them all through my church ‘Living Waters’. This evening was such a fun filled event, where all the church came together for fellowship and lots and lots of food, which always goes down great.

 Duck, with some weird sauce I don’t know the name of.

We also danced the night away to 80s classics, plus a few Christmas tunes, and cringed when the dj attempted to play Justin Biebers latest hits (which don’t get me wrong, we weren’t complaining about, who is?!) yet seeing the dj, who remained still, solemn and expressionless throughout the others, bang his head and play an air guitar…

I did, however, relish the opportunity to dress up. After ordering three different dresses, taking two back, and giving the other one to my friend who looked stunning in my “pretty little thing asymmetric cut out body con” (links below) I finally found one I settled with, and this was this red maxi dress from Boohoo (again all outfit links will be posted below).

You’re probably no different, but I know I, before any party or event will hassle my friends to see what they’re wearing and sending them countless photos of different outfits to see their opinions. I was so nervous about looking overdressed, only one other I knew of was wearing a maxi, and for a short period when I got there I did feel out of place, but as soon as more guests turned up, I felt confident and beautiful, which is very rare for me, who’s constantly judging myself to others (another thing I need to add to my list of things to achieve: avoid jealousy).

So far I’ve failed to mention the location… THE ZOO! And of course, we all loved the chance to walk around the zoo in the evening, jumping at the slightest sound of a gorilla as we crept round in our heels.

I also loved spending time with some people I rarely get to see, which was so fantastic and reminded me I need to give more time to others.

I’m gonna wrap this blog up here though, it was a wonderful night and I thank God every day for the friends and family he has provided me with.

Enjoy the photos, many blessings.


Click on the links below for the websites:
       My Red Dress

       Celies Blue Dress

Peace and love, 

Lucy Rose X 


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