Girly lunch, cocktails & catch up. 

Since leaving secondary school I have been awful in keeping in contact with friends. I had been so busy at my new school, and focusing on making new friends I realised how little time I had been giving to my oldest ones. 

After planning a catch up with my school friend Anna for what seemed like forever, we were finally reunited and spent a morning lounging around The Grand hotel, taking in Torbays Palm trees and sea views and pretending we liked tea  and scones. 

After sitting around and catching up with gossip for a good few hours, we decided to lunch at Visto lounge. I ate a pulled pork bbq panini (c’était delicieux) and drank “Sherbet Lemon”.  Anna went for the mozzarella and tomatoe sandwich, forever showing me up with her healthy option whilst I’m powering through my three extra portions of fries, a girl can never have enough chips…



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