Explore Bath.

Bath has been one of my favourite cities since I can remember, yet only since I moved to Devon could I take full advantage of it’s historic beauty, shopping and insta-worthy photography.

When I lived in the ‘distant’ north, basically anyway down south seemed a million miles away, so when we moved to Devon (almost as down south as you could go bar Cornwall) I bought a £19.60 return (railcards are a needed investment) and went to Bath for the weekend.

This was my first trip there, and I instantly fell in love, if it wasn’t because of the historic beauty of the Roman Baths, it was for sure the beauty of the city, with the old stone and every building looking like it had just sprung from the 1800’s… Within no time I was imagining my twenty year old self heading to work from the Royal Crescents.

Bath’s gorgeous, as I’ve empathised, but there’s so much to do, so it’s important to plan. Here are my top tips for making yourself an enjoyable, well worth stay in the amazing city.

  1. Plan, plan, plan – I can’t portray enough how important it is to make some sort of agenda. Although our spontaneity, adventure and curiosity often takes the better of us, if there’s something you know you want to do for sure, make time!
  2. Visit the Guildhall market – Yes, ok, so some of it is just full of over-priced bananas, but if you skip past the healthy stuff, there’s an antique jewellery shop, an indie bar right in the centre, and the hippiest market stands you will see in the whole of bath.
  3. Take dollaaa – Bath has ALOT of shops, you don’t want to be caught out broke whilst admiring your latest soon-to-be purchase, so take money (British pounds, soz for any confusion lol) and enjoy Jack Wills, Hollister and many other high-street beauties.
  4. Visit TurtleBay – If you love Carribean food, you will love this. I go every time I’m in bath, for my usual Chilli Squid and Steak. I wouldn’t miss it! The prices are also not too bad either, plus I couldn’t reccomend the Pink Grapefruit Crush enough!
  5. Watch a gig at Starbucks – For some reason, there always seems to be some indie band playing on the top floor of Starbucks, and whenever I’ve been in the city, they always seem to be free. I guess it’s just a good way of getting your music out there, but I’ve never walked away disappointed. So make sure you check facebook for upcoming events.
  6. Relax on a deckchair outside the station – Bath is a fair distance from the sea, but in the summer, the station is surrounded my grass and deckchairs, perfect for summer reading after visiting ‘Giraffe’ Restaurant Opposite.
  7. Sightsee – This is probably the most important thing to do in Bath, and you’d be stupid not to. You can hop on the boat at Pultenay Bridge for £2 (also the place Javert had his famous fall in Les Miserables) or walk through the Botanic Gardens. My favourite places to go our the Roman Baths themselves and the Royal Crescent.
  8. Theatre Royal – For cutting edge performance and arts, this is your place!
  9. American Museum in Britain – Explore the pre-1800s USA in the manor house and gardens (plus it looks fab on insta).
  10. Relax at the Thermea Bath Spa – it has rooftop pools and spa, what more could a girl want hahah.
  11. Take your camera – literally everything is insta worthy.




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