Girly lunch, cocktails & catch up. 

Since leaving secondary school I have been awful in keeping in contact with friends. I had been so busy at my new school, and focusing on making new friends I realised how little time I had been giving to my oldest ones. 

After planning a catch up with my school friend Anna for what seemed like forever, we were finally reunited and spent a morning lounging around The Grand hotel, taking in Torbays Palm trees and sea views and pretending we liked tea  and scones. 

After sitting around and catching up with gossip for a good few hours, we decided to lunch at Visto lounge. I ate a pulled pork bbq panini (c’était delicieux) and drank “Sherbet Lemon”.  Anna went for the mozzarella and tomatoe sandwich, forever showing me up with her healthy option whilst I’m powering through my three extra portions of fries, a girl can never have enough chips…


Christmas Party

I’m so blessed to have such amazing friends, and I found them all through my church ‘Living Waters’. This evening was such a fun filled event, where all the church came together for fellowship and lots and lots of food, which always goes down great.

 Duck, with some weird sauce I don’t know the name of.

We also danced the night away to 80s classics, plus a few Christmas tunes, and cringed when the dj attempted to play Justin Biebers latest hits (which don’t get me wrong, we weren’t complaining about, who is?!) yet seeing the dj, who remained still, solemn and expressionless throughout the others, bang his head and play an air guitar…

I did, however, relish the opportunity to dress up. After ordering three different dresses, taking two back, and giving the other one to my friend who looked stunning in my “pretty little thing asymmetric cut out body con” (links below) I finally found one I settled with, and this was this red maxi dress from Boohoo (again all outfit links will be posted below).

You’re probably no different, but I know I, before any party or event will hassle my friends to see what they’re wearing and sending them countless photos of different outfits to see their opinions. I was so nervous about looking overdressed, only one other I knew of was wearing a maxi, and for a short period when I got there I did feel out of place, but as soon as more guests turned up, I felt confident and beautiful, which is very rare for me, who’s constantly judging myself to others (another thing I need to add to my list of things to achieve: avoid jealousy).

So far I’ve failed to mention the location… THE ZOO! And of course, we all loved the chance to walk around the zoo in the evening, jumping at the slightest sound of a gorilla as we crept round in our heels.

I also loved spending time with some people I rarely get to see, which was so fantastic and reminded me I need to give more time to others.

I’m gonna wrap this blog up here though, it was a wonderful night and I thank God every day for the friends and family he has provided me with.

Enjoy the photos, many blessings.


Click on the links below for the websites:
       My Red Dress

       Celies Blue Dress

Peace and love, 

Lucy Rose X 

What I got for Christmas…

I never usually feel that festive, or at least haven’t done for the past few during my adolescent years, however as the actual day comes, so does the excitement.

I only went to sleep about 2.30am, meaning I had the delight (sarcastic btw) of seeing endless amounts of drunk snap chats wishing their peers “Merry Christmas!” or them blaring out Christmas carols which really shouldn’t have been sung after four bottles of wine. Don’t get me wrong though, it’s all great if they’re giving glory to Jesus…

Even though I was woken up stupidly early by my excited eleven year old brother, the sight of my mum rushing around naked in the early hours of Christmas attempting desperately to fill our stockings quickly and forgetting she wasn’t the only one awake in the house,  was enough to make anyone try to fall asleep, so I eventually did, phone somewhere beneath the covers, and my laptop to my side.

I didn’t ask for much this year, there wasn’t anything I needed, so I was happy with the few surprises I got… I have attached links under each photo as best I can.


Pink Scarf – Primark, £5. 

Pointed Toe Chelsea Boots – New look, £19 (Was £39.99) 

MUA Concealer – Superdrug, £1

Fruits Chocolate Orange Shower Gel – Wilkinsons

Rings – Topshop, £12.50


Floral  Box – Store Twenty One

Gold Glitter Nail Varnish – Primark

Pom Pom Bobble – Primark, £1.50

MUA Lipstick – Superdrug, £1

Burgundy Nail Varnish – Boots. 

I did get a few more things, but these were some of my favourites! Comment below what you got, I love seeing and hearing about other people’s items, for inspiration but mainly just curiosity haha!

Peace and Love, 

Lucy Rose xx

Intro to my blog // New Year Resolutions

I’ve always been one to attempt to set New Years resolutions, or have an unrealistic expectation for the new year. This, however, is usually during the Christmas holidays… Where I am relieved from the pressure of school and exams and spend my days tucked up on the sofa with ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ playing in the background and a mug of hot chocolate in my hand. All these new ideas seem so exciting then, yet as soon as school starts my ‘idealistic’ wishes for a more productive, lively and eventiful life goes out the drain and once more I find myself falling asleep into textbooks or stressing because I haven’t finished my assignments – no time for pretty insta worthy photos of avocado on toast, even though you actually had coco pops.  So, this year I am actually going to try and change some things… Which as we all know is much easier said than done. I’m also going to try and be as real as possible, and portray glimpses of my life on here in the best way I can. So although I may look like I have a fruit salad every morning, the truth is more than likely I had that one Saturday once in the month, yet out of my endless amount of ‘Sainsburys local’ yogurts and frosted flakes, it was the only photo which made the cut. So, whola! You’re going to see the pretty side of my life.

…And that life is my life in sunny Devon, where I have been living for four years after being born in New Zealand and growing up in Lancashire (hence my dodgey half southern/half northern accent people like to mimick ALOT).

Anyway, I really am going to attempt to be more productive and so my New Years resolutions are as follows :

  1. Blog frequently. 
  2. Save money – somehow last year I managed to spend £2000 on food, clothes and a few trips.  Note, the clothes hoarding needs to stop. 
  3. Read more.
  4. Eat healthier – generic I know but currently I eat 2/3 chocolate bars a day and Iceland chicken pizza’s are becoming a daily routine.
  5. Spend more time with loved ones – I found last year I wasted so much time trying to suit people who really didn’t care about me, which I found out as soon as I left school. It’s really true when they say “you find out who your real friends are when you leave school” so now I’m trying to give my time to those who want to give their time back.
  6. Spend less time on my phone, use my time wisely and STUDY STUDY STUDY – I won’t be getting to university if I don’t…

I’ve already wrote a fair bit on this post,so I will leave it at that. I cannot wait to share with you my daily outfit and beauty recommendations, travel aspects and life advice. Hope you enjoy. 


Peace and love, 

Lucy Rose x